• LM2011E Lawn Mower 50cm
  • LM2011E Lawn Mower 50cm
  • LM2011E Lawn Mower 50cm
  • LM2011E Lawn Mower 50cm

LM2011E Lawn Mower 50cm

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  • Significantly quieter than a petrol mower and with far lower service costs and zero emissions during use, the 50cm EGO Power+ mower features a hard wearing steel deck with a large cutting capacity. This lets you comfortably tackle any lawn in less passes, while the large capacity bag needs emptying less often. Plus on a single charge our battery gives you up to 40 minutes run time. Automatic Variable Speed delivers optimal cutting speed to maximise battery run time whilst maintaining grass cutting performance. The 3-in-1 functionality lets you bag, mulch or side discharge clippings while the LED headlights let you work further into the day. And when you’re done, the easy-fold design makes cleaning and storage simple.

    • 40 - Minute Charge time with the EGO Infinity Charger : Industry’s fastest charger
    • Up To 40 - Minute Cut Time with a 5.0Ah battery : The battery run time meets or exceeds the charge time
    • Folds Flat In Seconds: Convenient storing and cleaning
    • 50cm Cut Capacity: Reduces the number of passes required to cut your lawn
    • True 3-In-1 Function: Superior mulching, rear bagging and side-discharge performance
    • LED Headlights: For mowing anytime
    • High-Torque, Magnetic Motor: Designed for high power output at 3150 RPM
    • Convenient Push-Button Start: No more pull cord; easily starts at the press of a button
  • Mower User Manual
€699,00 (supplied with 5.0Ah Battery & Rapid Charger)