Dealer profile: Tennyson Grass Machinery looks to the future with EGO POWER+

“We definitely see that the EGO Power+ range will be an important part of our future going forward”. That is the sentiment expressed by David Tennyson of Tennyson Grass Machinery in Kilkenny when asked about his predictions for the future of the garden equipment industry.

Tennyson’s began stocking EGO Power+ products in August 2015, and in the immediate six months afterwards began to see instant growth sales. David explains: “Having dedicated time and resources to promoting the EGO brand, not only in our shop but also online, and explaining the many benefits to customers, it’s great to see such a positive response. Battery technology is the alternative that people have been looking for”.

David has found that the products speak for themselves and regularly compares the EGO range to similar petrol products. For example, by comparing the EGO hedgetrimmer to an equivalent Husqvarna model, which is similarly priced with the same cutting capabilities, David is able to demonstrate to customers that EGO surpasses the petrol options thanks to its weight and balance, among many other factors.

“We’ve noticed that the EGO range is particularly popular with keen gardeners, who are familiar with the alternatives but are informed of the downsides”, David continues. “We are starting to see that more and more people are concerned about the environmental impact so the benefits to both noise and emissions that EGO products offers are the perfect solution”.

Founded in 1990 Tennyson’s has seen many developments and changes in the industry but perhaps none so significant as the advancements offered by EGO. David expands upon why Tennyson’s made the decision to stock EGO alongside its other brands: “With the advances in battery performance and technology, we can definitely see battery products eventually replacing existing 2-stroke ranges all together.  Because of this, we were actively seeking a high quality battery range. We certainly found that in EGO with a large range of options and good product support”.

Looking to the future, David understands that battery models will lead the way and is looking forward to the arrival of the new self-propelled range which he sees as being popular with the high end pedestrian mower customers.