2015 - a great year

2015 was a great year for everyone at EGO and we hope that it was for you too.

The range has been incredibly well received by our Irish customers and dealers alike and we’re forming a strong following of EGO evangelists!

EGO remains exclusively available through the Tucks O’Brien dealer network and staying in the independent dealer channel is something that we are very passionate about. We now have a strong presence among the Tucks O’Brien dealerships in Ireland with our compact point of sale units proving very popular. Thanks to the hard work of Ian Curley in Tucks O’Brien we now have an even regional distribution of EGO dealers throughout the country.

Discussing EGO’s first year, Bob Boxwell, Managing Director of Tucks O’Brien commented: “Sales of EGO have exceeded our expectations. Dealers are welcoming lithium-ion and the opportunity to be a forerunner of future technology in the garden machinery sector. Dealer support for the range has been great and EGO was certainly popular at our dealer open days and the various shows that we attended throughout 2015”.

If you have not yet joined the EGO revolution but are considering doing so then let us take a moment to remind you of the many benefits.

Our “one battery fits all” system means that you are more likely to get repeat customers. We are finding that after committing to the purchase of a battery and charger for one product, people are regularly returning to buy more products

There aren’t EGO dealerships on the corner of every street. EGO dealers are in unique geographical locations that gives you the peace of mind that customers come back to your dealership instead of going to the next dealership down the road

It’s undisputed that lithium-ion is the future for garden machinery. Therefore being an EGO dealer gives you the chance to be a forerunner of selling something new, while being involved from the very start.

2016 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for EGO. We’ve now established the EGO name as a key player in the sector and will continue to do this with the introduction of our new products which are outlined later in this issue of the newsletter.