What 56 Volts Can Do For You


With the increasing prevalence of lithium-ion batteries, you may have noticed an uptick in the use of the terms “volt” and “voltage”. You may know that a volt is a unit of measurement for the work done by a machine powered by an electrical source, the same way that horsepower is a unit of measurement for the work done by a combustion engine. Amp hours, (Ah) on the other hand, are measures of battery capacity and could be compared to the amount of gas in your car’s gas tank. So higher Amp Hour ratings mean longer battery run times.


You may see a standard battery-powered lawnmower with a 40-volt battery next to an EGO POWER+ Mower with a 56-Volt battery and find yourself wondering just what the difference in voltage means. How much more power does a 56-volt battery have than a 40-volt battery?


The “volt” is named after Allesandro Volta, an Italian physicist who invented the first electric battery in the 19th century. A volt is the unit of measurement for the potential energy of any electrical device. To simplify, a volt is a measure of electrical power. More volts mean you get more power. A 56-volt EGO POWER+ lawnmower will be more powerful than an industry standard 40-volt lawnmower.


To provide more of a comparison, here are different devices you can power at different voltages.


  • 5-Volts- Smartphone
  • 9-Volts- Smoke Detector
  • 12-Volts- Power Wheel Children’s Car
  • 15-Volts- Vacuum Cleaner
  • 18-Volts- Circular Saw
  • 20-Volts- Electric Drill
  • 40-Volts- Many Battery-Powered Lawnmowers
  • 56-Volts- EGO POWER+ Lawnmower and other Outdoor Power Equipment


You might wonder why we did not have the option of 56 Volt outdoor power equipment before.  More volts means more power, but it also means more heat. Heat is a battery cell’s enemy. The EGO-POWER+ Lithium-Ion battery features breakthrough technology to handle heat. Easiest to identify is the battery’s unique arc-shape, which allows it to dissipate heat more effectively. Next, the EGO battery uses phase-change technology to draw and dissipate heat from the individual battery cells. These are two of features that make it possible for EGO to provide the highest voltage lithium-ion battery platform currently in the market.


What can a 56-volt battery do that a 40-volt battery can’t? Mowing a lawn can be a tough job. Specifically, you may encounter areas of thicker grass that are tougher to cut than the rest of your lawn. While a lawnmower powered by a 40-volt battery might not be able to deliver the cut quality you’d hope for in tough situations like this, a 56-volt battery can. More volts make mowing your lawn easier. 56 volts mean that the cuts on your grass will be cleaner, which will lead to a healthier, lusher lawn. 56-volts help give you a lawn beyond belief.