How to Decide Which Fence is Right for Your Yard


Your lawn is gorgeous, lush and green. You may even say it’s picture perfect. Well, every picture needs a frame and, in the landscaping world, fences are often the frames of choice. A fence can add beauty, character, and privacy to your property. Which fence is right for your home and your budget? We take a look at some popular options.




Wood-Panel Fencing. If your primary goal is privacy, wood-panel fencing is a good option. Wood-panel fencing consists of wooden panels built side-by-side along a frame. This type of fencing gives you the classiness that comes with wood and all of the privacy you want. Make sure that the wood-panel fencing you buy has been treated with a sealant to protect it from the elements.




Vinyl Fencing. Vinyl fencing is very inexpensive and will stand up well to the elements. Vinyl fencing is also relatively easy to install compared to other fencing options. However, vinyl is not to everyone’s taste in terms of physical appearance.



Built-On-Site Fencing.  This is the custom option. The two major benefits over panel construction are the wide range of styles that are possible and the ability to follow terrain changes. This option requires a skilled builder: that would be either you or a carpenter. It will take at least twice as long to construct a fence on site than to erect pre-assembled panels.




Rail Fencing. Rail fencing is a classic style that is great for you if you are looking for a rustic look. Contrasted with a green lawn, a grey or brown rail fence can really make your yard come alive. Rail fencing’s main drawback (or virtue, perhaps) is that it is purely decorative and not very functional A rail fence does not create privacy and will certainly not provide security. As with wood-panel fencing, remember to apply sealant or purchase ceiled rails for your fence.



Chain-link Fencing. Let’s get this out of the way: chain link is not the prettiest fencing in the world. It is extremely practical if you are looking for fencing that provides home security or need to keep pets enclosed in your yard. Chain link fences are less expensive than other forms of fencing, are sturdy, and will help keep your home safe.




Stone walls. Finally, if you really want to go all out, skip fencing entirely; build a stone wall. Stone walls can be as short or tall as you want, look powerful, and invoke the look of an old farm or a castle. Unless quite tall, stone walls will not provide a great deal of privacy or security. They are expensive and, i you decide you want to build the wall yourself, the construction process is very time-consuming. Still, they are classic and worth the time and money.