Landscape Like the Pros: Give Your Lawn the Professional Attention it Deserves


We’d like to think we can do it all: we’re going to paint the house, mow the lawn, build raised beds for vegetables and flowers, create a composting bin, set up a sprinkler system, bake a cake, save the world etc., etc., etc. Then reality hits, and in the midst of our hectic lives--working long hours and carting the kids to school and practices and recitals-- we think we don’t have the time to give our lawns and gardens the top-notch care and attention they need. When you are very busy, getting someone else to do your landscaping may seem like a good idea.


Here is something you may not have considered: why not hire yourself as a landscaper?


It’s all about time. Why did you consider hiring someone else to mow your lawn and water your grass in the first place? Time, right? If you feel like you don’t have time in your schedule for landscaping, you may want to take a second look at your schedule. Try to treat lawn care like you would your job. Schedule a time each week for lawn care. Don’t schedule anything else in that time. Treat mowing your lawn or tending your garden as a necessary task that absolutely has to get done each week. Write it down on your calendar and let everyone know: if it’s ten o’clock Saturday morning, you’re out in the yard getting work done. Now that you have made the time to tend to your landscape, you may find that you enjoy it.


The next question to consider is cost. Another reason to skip the landscaper and do your own yard work is cost. Hiring someone else to do a job you could do yourself is expensive. If you need extra motivation, create a savings jar. Each week, put the money you saved by doing your own lawn care instead of paying someone else into the jar. By the end of the summer, you might save up enough money to take a trip!


Don’t forget about skill. You may think that you can’t do as good of a job as a pro, but this simply isn’t true. From mowing the lawn to planting a vegetable garden to chopping the dead tree in your backyard into firewood, you can get the job done yourself and do it well. If you don’t feel confident in your skill in a particular area, there are great online educational resources for just about any outdoor task you can imagine, this blog being one of them. Study and practice and, soon enough, you’ll be doing that landscaping job as well or better than anyone you could have hired. And it will be done the way YOU want it!