This Valentine’s Day, Follow Tim Allen’s Law


If you’re like many people, Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be a real challenge. Many of us need to contend with the fact that our significant other just doesn’t care about chocolates, or heart shaped cards, or boring flowers. Well, for these types of people, remember a little known scientific principle: Tim Allen’s Law. You may remember Tim Allen from the 90’s sitcom “Home Improvement.” Tim Allen was obsessed with tools, power, and power tools. If this sounds like your sweetheart, and their obsession is nurturing the lawn and garden, we have five great gift ideas for you.


  1. Grass seed. Really? Grass seed may seem boring when you are buying it but it’s something everyone needs and is always a welcome sight for anyone eager to patch up the brown spots on their lawn. Wrap it up, put a bow on it, and watch your Valentine’s smile spread from ear-to-ear.
  2.  Power Tools. Byline 1a of Tim Allen’s Law states “Everyone loves power-tools.” Whether it’s a string trimmer or a chainsaw, get that special someone power-tools and you will be the apple-of-their eye all year long.
  3. An axe.If your Valentine has been feeling a little too disconnected from nature, or just admires Paul Bunyan (!), an axe may be just the gift they need. Now, your Valentine will be able to convert all of the stray branches in their yard into firewood with panache.
  4. Goggles. If you do not have the budget for an axe, or power tools, give the gift of protective eyewear! If your Valentine is a beginner to landscaping, they probably don’t own protective gear like gloves and goggles. When you are working on a lawn or garden, you run the risk of getting dust and debris in your eyes. With a nice pair of safety goggles, your Valentine will never have to worry about damage to their eyes again!
  5. Flowers. Did we say that flowers are boring? Correction: cut flowers from a flower shop are a predictable Valentine’s gift. This year, instead of buying cut flowers that will dry out and die, buy live potted plants! Live flowers are inexpensive, beautiful, and can be presented in an attractive pot or basket. When spring comes, they can be planted in flower-beds, or in decorative containers on your steps, porch or patio for a welcome punch of color.